Physician-founded, patient-focused.

We’re a complete, seed-to-sale operation–growing, making, and selling our own cannabis products. We also sell products from other brands that we know and trust. All of us–from our growers, horticulturalists, and buyers to our doctors, pharmacists, and budtenders–are committed to a squeaky clean supply chain to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. So whether it’s ours or someone else’s, we are sticklers for standards.

Our founder, Kyle Kingsley, MD, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, serial entrepreneur, and inventor. He was inspired to launch Green Goods’ parent company, Vireo Health, after encountering numerous patients who successfully used cannabis to effectively alleviate their pain and suffering.

As an emergency medicine physician, I saw firsthand that opioids are overused, frequently abused and too often result in fatal overdoses. Medical cannabis is a safer, less addictive alternative.

Dr. Kyle Kingsley

Founder & CEO of Vireo Health and Minnesota Medical Solutions

Prescription opiates to veterans have more than tripled since 9/11, contributing to drug abuse, addiction, and suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to combat the problem, but results vary dramatically across the nation.

Initially a medical cannabis skeptic, Dr. Kingsley’s position on the issue evolved as he studied more and more clinical evidence around the medical use of cannabis as well as the increasing number of real-world patient success stories. Drawing on his significant experience and passion in medicine, business and horticulture, Dr. Kingsley soon decided to launch his own medical cannabis company, Minnesota Medical Solutions, which eventually became Vireo Health. 

Since then, the company has grown into a highly awarded, multi-state operator. Vireo’s flagship brand, Green Goods, operates in Maryland and Minnesota.

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