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Plenty of people talk about wellness these days. And there’s a lot of debate about rightness. But what about plain old goodness? 

We think it’s in far too short supply. Goodness eases pain, opens minds, and lifts spirits. Our mission is to embrace and enable goodness – for our customers, our neighbors, and our planet. We feel very fortunate to be in a position to do all of those things. Thank Goodness.


From our online marketplace to our Green Goods stores, to ongoing advocacy, we’re making cannabis as accessible as possible to everyone who wants it.


We bring an amazing array of product choices together in one place—all different types of products and brands designed to enhance your well-being, in whatever way works best for you.


Our pharmacists make sure that patients receive the right dosages of the right medications. Our mantra is “Start Low, Go Slow.” It helps patients safely find the optimal dosage for their metabolisms and sensitivities.


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As an emergency medicine physician, I saw firsthand that opioids are overused, frequently abused and too often result in fatal overdoses. Medical cannabis is a safer, less addictive alternative.

Dr. Kyle Kingsley

Founder & Executive Chairman of Goodness Growth Holdings

Green Goods’ founder, Kyle Kingsley, MD, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, serial entrepreneur, and inventor. He was inspired to launch Green Goods after encountering numerous patients who successfully used cannabis to effectively alleviate their pain and suffering.

Initially a medical cannabis skeptic, Dr. Kingsley’s position on the issue evolved over time, as he delved into the science that was absent from his medical school training and became intrigued by the small, but building body of clinical evidence around the medical use of cannabis as well as the increasing number of real world patient stories he observed first-hand.

One particularly moving story came from a Gulf War veteran — a six-foot male in his forties, father of two, originally from California — who had suffered a gunshot wound that resulted in a spinal cord injury. For years following the war, the vet continued to experience debilitating pain and muscle spasms in his legs that prevented him from leading a normal life. After a lengthy period of being prescribed large amounts of opiates with numerous adverse side effects – including constant states of sedation, dizziness, and nausea — he decided to try cannabis, which quickly provided him significant relief from his symptoms with little to no side-effects and helped pave the way for him to return to normal everyday life.

Prescriptions of four potent opiates to veterans have more than tripled since 9/11, contributing to drug abuse, addiction, and suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to combat the problem, but results vary dramatically across the nation.

Source: CIR

This is just one of the many first-hand accounts that inspired Dr. Kingsley to learn more about medical cannabis. Drawing on his significant experience and passion in medicine, business and horticulture, Dr. Kingsley decided to launch his own medical cannabis company, Vireo Health, and the retail dispensaries, Green Goods.

Photo by Steve Kuchera, Duluth News.

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