How do I become a medical cannabis patient?

The process to become a medical cannabis patient patient varies on a state-by-state basis. For more information on becoming a medical cannabis patient in your state, follow the directions on this page.


Can I travel with my cannabis-based medication?

Medical cannabis is legal on a state by state basis, and your state’s regulations do NOT always apply to other states or at a federal level. Cannabis may not be taken out of the state it was purchased in/be taken across state lines without risking legal trouble. For more information regarding state medical cannabis regulations, please visit your state’s department of health website.  


Can I use my out-of-state medical cannabis identification card to purchase medical cannabis in another state?

Some states, as well as the District of Columbia, recognize out of state medical licenses and allow the purchase of approved medical cannabis products in that state.  To find out if the state you are traveling to honors out of state licenses, please check with the state’s department of health website. 


When can I expect my medical cannabis identification card to arrive?

When you receive your medical cannabis approval, residents in Minnesota can schedule your first dispensary visit at www.visitgreengoods.com. Residents of Minnesota do not receive a physical card.

If you are a non-Minnesota resident and do not receive your medical cannabis card in the mail, please call your state’s department of health to check on the status of your card.


What do I do after I receive a certification from my registered physician?

Once you have a certification from a registered physician, you must register with the Medical Cannabis program through your state’s Department of Health’s online. You can also find detailed instructions on the registration process, including how to register on behalf of a minor or an individual who is otherwise incapable of consenting to medical treatment. 

After your registration is processed, you will be issued a medical cannabis identification card, which you will receive in the mail. (Minnesota residents do not receive a physical card). Once you have received your medical cannabis identification card, you may visit us at www.visitgreengoods.com to make an appointment for your first visit or place your first medical cannabis order. 


How do I become certified if my doctor is not registered with the Medical Cannabis Program?

If your healthcare provider is not registered for your state’s Medical Cannabis Program, you can generally find a public list of certifying providers by visiting the state department of health website or using one of the many online cannabis certification websites via telemedicine. We recommend searching “medical cannabis certification online (insert state name)” to find a list of online certifying options. 


How do I find a registered doctor or registered nurse practitioner?

Patients seeking treatment with medical cannabis should first go to their treating doctor or nurse practitioner. If your doctor or nurse practitioner is not registered through the program, additional information for your provider can be found on your state’s medical cannabis program website. 


What is the first step to obtaining medical cannabis?

The first step is to speak with your treating physician about whether the medical use of cannabis is right for your condition. If your physician determines this is an appropriate treatment for you, and they are registered as a certifying provider with your state’s medical cannabis program, he or she may issue you a certification for medical cannabis. 


What conditions make me eligible to obtain medical cannabis?

Qualifying conditions vary on a state by state basis so please check with your state for accuracy. 

You are potentially eligible for medical cannabis if you have been diagnosed with a specific severe, debilitating, or life-threatening condition that is accompanied by an associated or complicating condition. Depending on your state’s approved qualifying conditions those conditions are may include: chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury with spasticity, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, neuropathy, cancer, terminal illness, and Huntington’s disease. 


What do I do if I feel I’ve taken too much? 

If you’re feeling disoriented, anxious, or uncomfortable after ingesting cannabis-based products, it’s important to remember it is very unlikely that you will overdose on medical cannabis

Start by drinking plenty of water. If it sounds pleasant to you, try taking a walk in a quiet park or nearby neighborhood. 

If you’d prefer to stay indoors, warm showers are often comforting when you’re a little bit too high. Finally, your kitchen may hold an unusual remedy: The taste or even just the scent of black pepper may serve to counteract too much THC. 

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What if I need assistance obtaining medical cannabis from a dispensing facility because of my condition?

In most states, a certified patient may designate a caregiver who may assist in obtaining medical cannabis on his or her behalf during the patient registration process. After the patient’s application for registration is approved, the designated caregiver(s) must also register with DOH. Detailed information on designating and becoming a caregiver is available on your state’s department of health website. 


How do I register with the program as a caregiver?

A patient who is registered with the program must first designate you as a caregiver during the online patient registration process. (In the state of Minnesota, the certifying practitioner must also certify that the patient has a need for a caregiver). Upon approval of the patient’s registration, the caregiver(s) may register. The patient will have access to instructions for caregiver registration. To register with the Department as a designated caregiver, you must be a resident of the same state as the patient and have a valid Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID card for that state. Some states may also require a completed criminal background check for the caregiver. 


May I register on behalf of a minor or person who is otherwise incapable of consenting to medical treatment?

Yes. If the applicant for a registry identification card is under the age of eighteen (18) or a person who is otherwise incapable of consenting to medical treatment, the application must be submitted by an appropriate person over twenty-one (21) years of age. The applicant must designate at least one, and up to two, caregivers who must be among the following: (i) a parent or legal guardian of the certified patient; (ii) a person designated by a parent or legal guardian; or (iii) an appropriate person approved by the Department upon a sufficient showing that no parent or legal guardian is available or appropriate. 

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Do I need an appointment to pick up a refill?

Appointments are not required but are available should you wish to speak to a dispensary staff member regarding any changes to or other questions you may have about your medication. Please make an appointment at Green Goods. You may choose which product you would like to refill in advance of your visit in order to ensure a quick and efficient visit.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

For your appointment, you will need to bring your

  • Medical cannabis card
  • A copy of your certificate from your provider
  • A second form of identification is recommended
  • Currently, the only method of payment that is accepted is cash


How do I make an appointment? (*Specific to MN only)

Please visit Online Appointments to make an appointment or call your local dispensary.

If you are a first-time patient, please book a thirty-minute appointment for a consult with a pharmacist.

If you would like to pick up a refill of a medication you have previously received, you may book a “refill appointment”

If you would like to discuss modifications to your therapy, please make a “follow-up” appointment.

Please make sure you have your medical cannabis card and certification from your doctor prior to making an appointment.


Where can I buy medical cannabis?

Green Goods operates a number of dispensaries that can be located here.

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What additives are in the medical cannabis products?

The oil in the capsules is coconut oil, the oil in the vapes and oral solution is MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). There are no other additives in our products.


Are there any drug interactions with cannabis and other medications?

Yes, like many other medications, enzymes in the liver metabolize orally ingested cannabis. Be sure that your medical care team is aware of ALL of the medications you take, including medical cannabis.


What should I do if I think I’m having a side effect to a medical cannabis product?

Although severe side effects are rare, if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately.

If you believe you are experiencing a side effect from a medical cannabis product, please contact your physician, as well as a member of our staff.


Where are the products made?

All products are grown and processed in the state in which they are purchased.  For more specific information please contact the manufacturer of the specific brand of products in question.


What should I do if the approved medical cannabis product is not helping me?

Work with your certifying doctor to determine if a change in product or change in dose of the product will benefit you. You may also contact the Green Goods staff at your local dispensary for further assistance.


Will my insurance cover medical cannabis products?

Currently, the only form of payment accepted is cash or debit via the CanPay App. In many states we do offer a compassionate discount to your account if you have financial hardship. Be sure to inquire in your local dispensary as we are able to offer additional discounts on a state by state basis. For example, in many states we are authorized to offer a discount for Veterans.

Green Goods strongly supports federal legislation that would resolve the conflict between state and federal law and possibly pave the way for future prescription drug coverage.


How much do the products cost?

The price of your cannabis-based medication will vary from patient to patient. There are many variables that determine the price, including the formulation, dosage form, and the dose of medication, as well as the duration of therapy. Our pharmacist and staff will work closely with you to determine which products best meet your needs.


How much medical cannabis can I get at each visit?

The quantity of your purchase will likely vary for each individual patient, based on the dosage and frequency of use, and the rules of the state medical cannabis program where you are registered as a patient. This includes any medication received from a different dispensary.


What forms of medical cannabis are available at Green Goods dispensaries?

Green Goods dispensaries offer a variety of medical marijuana products. Please visit the online menu associated with your local dispensary for a more comprehensive list of available products. Products available vary from state to state, based on each state’s medical cannabis program rules. Our menus are updated daily and will reflect the current inventory and options available.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the major cannabinoids—or “active ingredients”—found in cannabis. CBD does not have the intoxicating elements that are associated with THC.

Demand for CBD-dominant products has skyrocketed after recent research has shown the diverse range of medical benefits this chemical offers for inflammatory conditions and epilepsy. Because CBD isn’t intoxicating, a very high CBD product—such as the Vireo Indigo oral solution—has few if any intoxicating effects.

To learn more about CBD and CBD-dominant products on our blog.


What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly referred to as THC, is the intoxicating cannabinoid compound found in cannabis. This cannabinoid is responsible for most of the intoxicating effects of cannabis.

Depending on your medical condition, you may want a cannabis-based product that has more or less THC. Our dispensary staff is happy to help you find the right cannabis-based product for you with the optimal amounts of THC and CBD.


What are CBD tincture effects?

The effects of any cannabis-based medicine depend on the ratio of CBD to THC.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the major cannabinoids—or “active ingredients”—found in cannabis. Depending on the amount of THC contained in the tincture, you may feel some intoxicating effects.

A tincture is simply a delivery method for cannabis and many other medicines. It dissolves the medicine in a liquid such as coconut oil. A specified dose is ingested, typically under the tongue, and then absorbed by the body.


How long does cannabis stay in your system?

The answer depends on many factors, such as how often you imbibe cannabis and when you last consumed it.

In urine tests, cannabis typically stays detectable for around 8 days after a single use or longer if you are a heavier user.

In saliva tests, cannabis typically stays detectable for around 24 hours after a single use or longer if you are a heavier user.

We often refer people to this helpful article, which lays out detectability guidelines for different types of tests, as well as for different use patterns.


Is smoking or vaping cannabis healthy?

When it comes to medical uses, current research—and thousands of years of anecdotal evidence—shows that cannabis is a powerful medicine effective for treating a wide variety of chronic conditions and diseases.

However, there are risks involved. Cannabis, like any drug, can be habit-forming; some 9% of regular users develop dependence patterns. Also, smoking any material exposes your lungs to carcinogens. Some of Green Goods’ product offering includes capsules, oral solutions, and oral sprays to avoid the dangers of smoking.

If you feel that cannabis is affecting your personal relationships or if you find yourself being dishonest about your cannabis use, it’s a good time to sit back, assess your usage, and if medically advisable, take a brief break from cannabis.

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How do I create an account?

Please follow our instructions to create an account and order online.


Is a cell phone number required for registration?

A cell phone number is required to complete the online registration process. If you do not have a cell phone number, please Contact Us so that a member of our staff may further assist you.


I’ve completed my registration. When can I place my order?

Our dispensary team will review your application for registration. This process may take 24-48 hours*.  After the review process, you will receive a notification email on the status of your application.

*If you do not hear from us in 24-48 hours, please check your phone’s messages as this may be an indication that we have further questions or need clarity on the information you provided and this is the reason for the delay in approving your application.  You may also call your local dispensary for a status update of your application.


I have added orders to my cart. May I use my credit card to pay?

At this time, due to federal banking regulations, we are not able to accept online payment in advance of picking up your order. Currently, the only method of payment accepted is cash or CanPay. Please ensure that you bring enough cash or have downloaded and signed up for an account with CanPay when you come to the dispensary to pick up your order.


How long will it take for my order to be approved?

Our dispensary team is working very hard to ensure that orders are being handled efficiently and quickly. You will receive a confirmation (via email or text depending on the state you are in) once your order has been approved and is ready for pick-up.


Can I just walk in and pick up my medication?

You may continue to walk in and place an order at one of our conveniently located dispensaries*.  Please take into consideration that walk-in orders may take longer to process and therefore may result in longer wait times.  We encourage you to create an online account and order your medication in advance to ensure that all patients receive medication in a timely fashion.

*During COVID some of our dispensaries are requiring that all orders be placed online in advance and be pick-up curbside.  Please check with your local dispensary for curbside status.


I am a new patient. Can I place an order immediately?

This depends on your state’s requirements. If you are required to have a consultation, the consultation appointment may be booked on our Green Goods website. You have the option to book an in-person consultation or a virtual consultation with a dispensary staff member.


I am not new to the state’s medical cannabis program, but I have only been to a different company’s dispensary. Do I still need an appointment with a pharmacist?

In some states, all patients who are new may be required a consultation with the pharmacist. Different retailers carry a different selection of products and in certain states you’ll be required to meet with a staff member or pharmacist at your first visit. Our specially trained staff is always available to guide you to ensure that you receive the optimal product for your condition.


Can I call in to place my order?

Yes, Green Goods strives to accommodate our customers in whichever method of ordering is best for their needs. However, due to high call volume, we recommend that you place your order online if possible. You may call to place your order if you are an established patient.  Please give as much notice as possible.  Last-minute orders may result in longer wait times.


How do I change my address on the online account?

All address changes must first be communicated to your state’s Department of Health.  Once a new medical cannabis card is issued with the new address, you may send a copy of this and a member of our team will update your address on file.


My application was not approved, now what?

If your application is not approved, you will receive communication from our team via email or phone.  If you have not received communication via email or by phone, you may Contact Us for more details.


Why wasn’t my order approved?

There are a variety of reasons why an order may not be approved.  If your order is not approved, you will receive communication from our team via email or phone.  If you have not received communication via email or by phone, you may Contact Us for more details.

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What areas do you deliver to?

Currently, home delivery is not available in any of our markets. However, that may change in the future. Please check back periodically or subscribe to our newsletter below for up-to-date information.

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