Diversity Equity and Inclusion


The Council’s mission is to create programs, partnerships, and educational content that will champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Green Goods is dedicated to supporting and promoting underrepresented minority groups, women, and veterans, fostering a sense of belonging and equal opportunities within our local communities and across the cannabis industry.

The Inclusive Power of DEI Pillars

What is DEI? We actively engage with diverse communities to address their specific needs. Internally, we foster an inclusive environment, promoting equal opportunity and belonging. In Research, we advance knowledge on DEI’s impact, ensuring equitable access to cannabis research, healthcare, and treatment. Together, we empower people and cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis community.



Through events, education, and targeted programming, we amplify our promise to right the wrongs caused by the so-called war on drugs.

Internal Engagement

Internal Engagement

Rooted in a company culture that embraces equity and inclusion in our working environment and beyond through staff training, time off dedicated to serving our communities, and staff participation in key initiatives.

Research and Health Equity

Research and Health Equity

Not only are we dedicated to the amplification of clinical research with the use of our own products, but also to providing low-cost cannabis-based medicine to communities designated as underserved.

DEI Initiatives: Making an Impact

Roll It Up For Justice Fundraiser

Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform, and their Roll It Up for Justice program is a nationwide program that raises money for the Last Prisoner Project’s clemency initiative, which works to release cannabis prisoners and help them rebuild their lives post-incarceration. Between 2021 and 2022, we added Roll It Up For Justice at 14 dispensaries across the country!


Last Prisoner Project Letter Writing Campaign

Letters from the campaign were sent to some of the nearly 40,000 people who are still incarcerated for non-violent cannabis charges. Thank you to all of our team members who assisted with this campaign – your efforts truly helped brighten the holidays for the letter recipients! Together with LPP we helped to send 1000s of letters to incarcerated individuals.

LPP supports letter-writing campaigns throughout the year – and now, you can even write a letter online! To get more letter writing tips or learn about these campaigns, click the button below.


National Expungement Clinics

Expungement of cannabis convictions is a company priority. Our expungement clinics strive to reduce the harm caused by the ineffective and often racially biased “War on Drugs.” We have organized and hosted multiple expungement clinics that have resulted in hundreds of individuals having their criminal convictions expunged. Expungement clinics in across the country have been held in partnership with Mitchell-Hamline School of Law’s Reentry Clinic, The Legal Revolution, Maryland Legal Aid, Maryland’s Office of The Public Defender, Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and many more.

DEI Internships: Growing Future Cannabis Leaders

Our company is working on exciting innovation and development and looks to afford a comprehensive educational experience to interns of all levels. Our DEI council and individuals from our corporate team are committed to enhancing the skills and acumen of our DEI Interns. Past projects have included academic papers and infographics focused on cannabis policy and health equity and cannabis in the United States.

1937 Impact Fund

Green Goods is proud to launch the 1937 Impact Fund. Through this fund, we will support and strengthen community organizations in all our operating markets that have been historically excluded from participating in the legal cannabis industry. This is an initiative to fund organizations dedicated to restorative justice and clemency through a targeted promotion in our dispensaries to aid in righting the wrongs caused by the so-called “war on drugs”.

DEI Events: Engage, Inspire, & Learn

Discover a series of empowering DEI events designed to ignite inspiration and foster inclusive excellence. Engage in thought-provoking discussions to elevate your understanding as you gain valuable insights from industry experts and like-minded individuals passionate about driving positive change in the cannabis industry.

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Path of Progress: Previous DEI Events

Reflecting on our past events, we celebrate the impactful steps taken toward fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cannabis industry. These events have paved the way for meaningful conversations, collaborations, and positive change, propelling us forward on the path of progress.

Education Forum: Cannabis 101 – THC vs CBD

Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt, MD, our Senior Director of Clinical Science and Partnerships, and Dr. Stephen Dahmer, MD, our Chief Medical Officer, recently spoke to David Sanchez with the National Hispanic Cannabis Council (NHCC) about cannabis itself, stigma surrounding it, and more.

The discussion touched on taboos held by some in the Latinx community around cannabis related to its current and past illegal status, concerns about appearing inebriated and negative stereotypes associated with cannabis users. Dr. Paloma and Dr. Dahmer also talked about the endocannabinoid system, finding the lowest effective dose in cannabis medicine, and more.

Albany, NY Pride 2023

Thank you to Lee Stangle and Sal Capasso for representing Vireo at the Capital Pride Parade & Festival in Albany June 11!

“It was great. We were very busy, 6 hours flew by!” Lee said about the event. “We talked about the benefits of getting a medical card and how it is easy to do online. We gave away a bunch of stickers and some swag and HiCOLOR non-medicated samples. We shared about the history of LGBT activists fighting for cannabis legalization and how the cannabis community works to support marginalized groups.”

Frederick, MD Pride 2023

Thank you to Adina Mancebo, Brittany Scribner, Carlee Katz, and Tia Newsome for representing Vireo and Green Goods at Frederick Pride in Frederick on June 24!

“The event was AMAZING!” said Adina. “We gave out 700 gummy and chocolate samples, all the stickers, 500 koozies and 400 lighters. We talked to HUNDREDS of people, most of which that weren’t patients yet and are excited about rec hitting Saturday!”

“We had the BEST location!!!” Brittany added. “We educated patients and adults on what to expect for adult-use. We handed out branded product guides and gave away over 1500 HiCOLOR uninfused chocolates/gummy samples for patients to try prior to the doors opening July 1 for adult-use.”

Juneteenth Expungement Clinic and Career Fair 2023

Thank you to Brittany Scribner for representing Vireo Health at the Expungement Clinic and Career Fair in Laurel, MD on June 17, the Saturday before Juneteenth!

Attendees were able to access free expungement services with on-site attorneys and employment services and a career fair, as well as enjoy give-a-ways and additional resources. In addition those helped with employment services, three individuals were able to have their records expunged!

Unlocking the Positive Power of Social Discounts

Discover a selection of social discounts designed to support underrepresented communities and drive positive change. We strive to support people across all socio-economic statuses. Join us in making a difference through impactful purchases, contributing to a more equitable future.

Veterans’ Discount

We wanted to show our veterans how appreciative we are of their services. We offer a discount off their purchases at all of our Green Goods locations.

Senior Citizen Discount

To ensure our senior community gets the best treatment for any of their conditions, we offer a Senior Citizen discount at all of our Green Goods Maryland locations.

Compassionate Discount

Having to stress over financial situations is not good. To help alleviate the stress, we compassionately offer a discount to patients facing economic hardship.

DEI Partnerships: Forging Powerful Alliances

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support and collaboration we have received through our DEI Partnerships. These alliances have been instrumental in advancing our mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cannabis industry. Together, we are forging a path toward a more inclusive future, and we deeply appreciate the shared commitment and collective effort in making this vision a reality.

DEI Council: Lighting the Torch for an Equitable Industry

With a mission to promote inclusivity and equity, the DEI Council spearheads initiatives that drive meaningful change in the industry. By fostering a culture that celebrates diversity, the council ensures that all voices are heard and valued. Through their proactive efforts, they pave the way for a vibrant and diverse cannabis workforce, igniting a torch that guides the industry toward a more inclusive future.

Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt

Senior Director

“The so-called war on drugs has affected communities of color disproportionately for almost a century in the United States. As a company, we stand with these individuals across the country and continue to fight for #restorativejustice and #clemency to right the wrongs that continue to affect these communities. There is absolutely no reason that any individual should have charges for a plant that has been deemed legal in the states in which we operate, or in any place in the world.”

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Jaren Forbes

eCommerce Associate Analyst

“Vireo’s dedication to diversity inspired me to join the DEI Council with the hopes that all employees follow my lead in finding ways to make a positive difference in all team members’ and patients’ lives regardless of race, creed, or color. My goal is to help provide a safe space where we can learn about each other’s culture and become more aware of how different folks can live life differently, but still have the same goals, dreams, and desires”

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Jesvin Thomas

Area Manager & Clinical Director

“Being a part of this DEI council further enables me to reach more individuals to share my perspective with and to learn from others as well. When we listen to each other and feel our voices represented within our organization, we are more likely to see higher engagement with an open mind.”

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Tej Patel

New York Pharmacy Manager

“I joined the DEI council because of its mission to unify individuals who come from vast cultures. I highly value and respect different perspectives as it is the best way to broaden our horizons.”

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Brittany Scribner

Maryland Brand Ambassador/Sales Specialist

“Learning about Vireo and being able to join a cannabis company that supports diversity was my goal. Assisting the Maryland market with expungement clinics to help people clear cannabis related charges is a dream. Working with a team that thrives on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and promotes social justice throughout the community and the cannabis industry is monumental!”

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Lee Stangle

New York Wholesale Manager

“I am passionate about the work we do, providing people with plant-based medicine that improves their lives. It is equally important that we continue to work to help people whose lives have been negatively impacted by the injustices of cannabis prohibition. As a member of the LGBTQ community, whose history of fighting for equality has been intertwined with the fight for cannabis freedom, I am excited to contribute to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. I am thrilled that New York’s upcoming Adult Use cannabis space has a strong focus on Social Equity and look forward to being a part of Goodness Growth’s efforts to this cause.”

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