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Beyond Vapes: Using Cannabis Oils for Easy, Precise Dosing

If you’ve ever handled a vape pen, you’ve already interacted with cannabis oils. But that’s not the only way to use cannabis oil. If you’re considering your cannabis consumption method options, here’s what you should know about cannabis oils, including some tips on why you might want to try this potent and useful way to access cannabis medicine.

Cannabis Oils: A High-Tech Form of Cannabis Medicine

In one sense, cannabis oils are nothing new: They’re functionally similar to potent products such as hash, which was first described in literature nearly 1,000 years ago. But modern cannabis oils are worlds apart from these thick and relatively crude oleoresins. Instead, they’re produced under clinical laboratory conditions, free of additives, and carefully processed and refined to remove any impurities.     

Cannabis Oils

Modern cannabis oils are what make the ubiquity and popularity of portable vape devices possible, but they have many uses beyond vaping. Our cannabis oils are dispensed from precisely graduated syringes, taking the guesswork out of proper dosing. Because they’re potent and shelf-stable, it can also be consumed with food, mixed into beverages, or taken on their own.

Of course, it can still be used in vaporization devices or used to fill refillable vape pen cartridges.

One major advantage of taking cannabis medicine this way is that—when dispensed by a graduated syringe or dropper—it’s easy to measure a precise dose. The effectiveness of cannabis is closely tied with its dosage. Counterintuitively, research suggests that some symptoms may be relieved by taking lower dosages (also known as microdosing). Taking what’s called the “smallest effective dose” is important not only for getting the most benefit from cannabis medicine, but also the most value from these medicines.  

Cannabis Oils: Pro Tips

Some cannabis oils can be potent in their THC percentage, and it’s important to remember that a little can go a long way. We always recommend that you start low and go slow. Start with the lowest possible dose, and wait a sufficient amount of time— we recommend at least 3 hours before taking another dose.

Cannabis Oil Drops

When it comes time to take your cannabis oil, you may notice that it looks thick or that it doesn’t dispense easily. This can happen when your indoor temps are cool. If this occurs, simply warm the dispenser in your hands or in warm tap water until it flows better. 

To maximize the shelf life of your cannabis oil, avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Store any cannabis products you have at room temperature in a dark environment.  

Vireo Health’s Spectrum™ Line 

We’re proud to offer Vireo Health’s Spectrum™ line of cannabis oils. Formulated and packaged in five easy-to-understand color-coded bottles, each one offers a different ratio of the cannabinoids THC to CBD, depending upon your symptoms and needs.

Spectrum of Cannabis Oils

Please note that these times do vary. As with all medicines, our unique physiognomies have an impact on how it will affect us.