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What’s the Deal With Green Wednesday? Quite A Big Deal, Actually!

You’ve probably heard of 420. Otherwise known as plain old April 20th, it’s the biggest sale date of the year for cannabis dispensaries. So far as we can tell, the term can actually be traced back to the early ‘70s, when a bunch of students at San Rafael High School took to meeting at 4:20 each afternoon to use cannabis.

That brings us to the second-biggest day of the year for cannabis dispensaries: Green Wednesday.  We’ll share where the idea comes from, and then—better yet—tell you about some very special deals on offer this Green Wednesday, otherwise known as November 25, 2020.

How Green Wednesday Came to Pass

As we enter the holiday season, there’s no end of special sales and events. There’s Black Friday, and Cyber Monday of course. But in a sense, Green Wednesday is the most organic of these happenings, if only because it stems from something that cannabis fans were already doing anyway: Stocking up before the Thanksgiving holiday.

It happens every year. The day before Thanksgiving, business at cannabis dispensaries goes haywire. How much? Just recently, a study found that sales at dispensaries jumped a whopping 63% compared with the average of the previous four Wednesdays.

It’s no real surprise why. For many of us, reconnecting with family is a welcome relief from the frictions of daily life. Having ample cannabis on hand can help foster a relaxed and stressless mindset. For others, family time can be, well, not exactly relaxing. 

In that case, cannabis is the perfect destressing tool. Many of us find that, in relieving anxiety and lightening one’s mood, cannabis is at the top of the list when it comes to ingredients for a successful and happy Thanksgiving. 

Plus, for patients, ensuring you have enough medication before the holidays (and any subsequent dispensary closures) is just a smart idea.

And whether or not family time is restful or stressful, there’s one thing we can all agree on. Because Thanksgiving is all about sharing good food—and a lot of it—it’s not uncommon to overindulge the appetite. And as everyone knows, cannabis is a wonderful remedy for an upset tummy as well as all sorts of other digestive issues. 

All this to say: Even if there’s not a great deal of tradition behind Green Wednesday, it’s a real thing. Whether they’re looking to liven the celebration—or just get through the day without a major argument—cannabis fans have made Green Wednesday a very special holiday of their own. To honor that, we’ll be sweetening the deal with a giant Green Wednesday sale of our own (scroll down for the details). 

But Green Wednesday doesn’t stop with cannabis! Because Green Wednesday falls so close to Christmas, many customers are already thinking about stocking up on presents. With a huge lineup of cannabis accessories like grinders, dabbing rigs, and cannabis cookbooks, dispensaries like Green Goods are pulling out all the stops to broaden their appeal to a new and cannabis-curious clientele.

Who Needs Black Friday When You Have Green Wednesday?

With that in mind, we’d like to share a few of the extra-special deals we’ve put together this year. Our Green Wednesday sales differ between states so be sure to check with your local Green Goods to save big!


  • Wednesday 25th to Monday 30th: Save 20% off all vapes!


From Wednesday 25th to Monday 30th,

  • Spend $100, get $10 off
  • Spend $175, get $20 off
  • Spend $250, get $30 off

Don’t wait until the end of the sale to stock up. With deals this good, some items will most likely sell out. And we’d hate for you to miss out on the chance to celebrate this genuine cannabis event!