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What Are the Benefits of High-THC Products?

High-THC products have become all the rage in recent years. THC is responsible for producing the intoxicating effect commonly associated with cannabis. 

In theory, that means that more THC means a stronger intoxicating effect. But is high-THC cannabis really that much better? And is high-THC right for everyone?

Benefits of High-THC Products

Generally speaking, the more THC that enters the bloodstream, the stronger the physical and psychological effects it produces will be. 

For medical users, the primary benefit of high-THC products is more potent relief from medical symptoms. THC is believed to have numerous therapeutic benefits and has led to cannabis being designated as a legitimate medical treatment in states across the country. Similarly, more THC may also lead to a stronger stimulation of appetite and relief from stress

More Than Just THC

While THC certainly plays a large role in the strength of the high produced by cannabis, other plant materials are also believed to contribute to the intoxication commonly associated with cannabis. 

For instance, terpenes play a role in the effects produced by cannabis. The unique terpene profile of each strain contributes to the overall effects they produce. Terpenes are believed to be responsible for producing their own therapeutic effects. 

high thc

Mixing terpenes with cannabinoids will naturally lead to a more developed medicine, but research indicates there’s more to it than just terpenes. Researchers believe that terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other plant materials may all work together in something called the ensemble effect. This phenomenon posits that all of these components work together in synergy to produce stronger and more comprehensive effects than cannabinoids like THC could on their own. Thankfully, even with high-THC products, there are plenty of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids working in unison to help provide relief.

High-THC Isn’t for Everyone

While many people love high-THC products, there are some reasons why someone may prefer a lower dose of THC instead. 

Low-THC products may offer an easier entry point, especially for beginners or inexperienced users. Moreover, lower THC can mean less anxiety. For some people, consuming too much THC may cause anxiety and paranoia. If you suffer from anxiety or are prone to experiencing it when under the influence of cannabis, a low-THC product may be a better choice for you.

Thinking High-THC Is the Way to Go?

If you’re working to manage pain, whether it’s the result of cancer treatment or another condition, speak to your health practitioner about whether high-THC products may help. 

If you choose to give it a try, keep a cannabis journal so you can dial in your dose and find what works best for you.

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