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Minnesota Cannabis: Sale of Medical Flower Now Legal

If you live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, here’s a welcome piece of cannabis news: Ever since the state’s Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research Act made medical cannabis legal in Minnesota, patients haven’t been allowed to access cannabis flower, the simplest and least expensive usable form of the plant. In addition to driving up the cost of medicine, the flower restriction has contributed to the widely-held view that the state’s cannabis program is the most restrictive in the country.

While high hopes for adult-use Minnesota legalization in 2021 were dashed in the State Senate, the legislative session wasn’t all for nought. On the final day of the session, lawmakers approved a broad healthcare bill that permits those Minnesotans registered with the state’s medical cannabis program to purchase flower. It’s a truly exciting moment for Minnesota cannabis policy; here’s what we can share about the upcoming change to the law, set to go into effect March 1, 2022.

Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization News: Minnesota Updates the Law

When Minnesota’s cannabis patients were first invited to register with the state’s medical program, the original form of the medicine, dried flower, wasn’t yet an approved method of consumption. Approved formats—including capsules, tablets, oral sprays and tinctures—all require various degrees of sophisticated processing. We’re thrilled to announce that the most natural, affordable, and diverse form of cannabis—a product requiring minimal processing—is now something we will be able to offer to patients in a huge variety of different strains!

The new modification to the law, signed by Governor Tim Walz on May 25, 2021, represents a dramatic change. As we noted earlier, it falls short of making adult use of cannabis legal in Minnesota, but the sale of flower to medical patients does bring Minnesota’s rules closer to other states with medical and recreational allowances. House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, quoted in MPR News, predicted that the per-patient cost may drop to as low as a third of its present price.

If you are a cannabis patient in Minnesota and want to learn more about flower and whether it’s the right option for you, contact your nearest Green Goods location to set up a virtual or in-person consultation with a pharmacist! 

Minnesota Cannabis: When Do Flower Sales Begin?

While the signing of last year’s bill represents a landmark, it didn’t allow for immediate flower sales. State regulators still had to determine exactly how to incorporate such sales into the state-regulated dispensary program. However, the state Commissioner of Health has determined that adequate preparations and testing procedures are in place, and regulators have announced that the sale of flower can begin on March 1.

Needless to say, Green Goods is thrilled that our Minnesota customers will finally be able to access the same expertly-grown, pure, and clean flower that our fans in other states get to enjoy.

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Cannabis News: Other Minnesota-Specific Details

Significant though it is, the addition of smokeable flower to the list of cannabis options isn’t even the only aspect of the recent bill we cited earlier. Registered cannabis patients will now be able to obtain cannabis via curbside pickup, for one thing. Additionally, designated caregivers—who historically have been limited to serving a single patient—are now permitted to serve as many as six patients. 

Do you have other questions about legal cannabis in Minnesota? Don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always here to help. And be on the lookout for more educational blogs about flower, coming soon!

Please note that qualifying conditions vary by state, and the information relating to qualifying conditions may not apply to cannabis patients in all states.

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