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Going Back to Normal? QR Codes, Customer Limits and Other Steps for Safety

With multiple vaccines already in use or awaiting approval as of early 2021, we’re cautiously optimistic that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight. That said, it’s definitely not time to ease up on basic precautions just yet. That means that mask-wearing, social distancing, and regular hand washings are here for the foreseeable future at least.

Because we interface with so many customers each day, the folks here at Green Goods are especially concerned with maintaining the health and safety of each one of us: Our customers, our staff, and everyone who’s curious about accessing the benefits of medical cannabis. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few of the steps we’re taking to keep our dispensaries as safe (and welcoming) as humanly possible. Let’s run through the list!

COVID-19 Safety Measures: Regular Cleanings

COVID-19 Safety Measures 1

We pride ourselves on our cannabis dispensaries. In addition to being designed to facilitate and foster the most welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic interactions, we’re kind of neat freaks when it comes to maintaining them. Even before the emergence of COVID-19, that meant multiple daily spot checks, cleanings, and disinfections.

But now that public health is so critical, we’ve stepped up our efforts in a big way. High-touch areas such as displays and door handles are constantly disinfected. And any place where members of the public might be in close proximity to one another receives extra scrutiny and attention. 

COVID-19 Safety Measures: Reduced Customer Counts

COVID-19 Safety Measures 3

Speaking of members of the public, we’re conforming to the findings of studies that indicate social distancing is an important and effective countermeasure against transmission and infection

What does this mean for you as a Green Goods customer? We are currently limiting the number of guests we allow in each of our dispensaries; the actual number depends on factors such as specific dispensary layout and size. 

We sincerely hope this won’t present an obstacle to your obtaining your cannabis medicine. That’s why we’re offering options like virtual consultations with our pharmacists. What’s more, our blog offers dozens of articles and how-tos about how to use cannabis medicine. And our live menu offers up-to-the-minute information about what’s in stock as well as special offers and deals. 

COVID-19 Safety Measures: Mandatory Masks

COVID-19 Safety Measures 2

While the decision to mandate masks has been left to individual states to decide, we’ve elected to come down on the side of caution. That’s why we’re mandating that all staff and visitors to our dispensaries use face masks that cover the mouth and nose at all times. While we honor any and all of our customers’ embrace of personal liberties, it’s important that we be sure we’re doing our utmost to protect our customers and staff at all times.

COVID-19 Safety Measures: In-Store QR Codes

COVID-19 Safety Measures 4

We’re especially excited about this one! In order to reduce physical interactions, we’re outfitting many of our product displays with QR codes. These placards are scannable using any standard smartphone camera, and they provide information about different cannabis products, methods of administration, and other helpful and informative details about our products.  These codes are a great way to quickly find useful information that will help make the process of finding the perfect cannabis product easier than ever!

While we sorely miss getting to see our valued customers as freely and often as we’d like, we feel confident that these measures will still allow you to have a superb and satisfying experience at Green Goods. Here’s looking forward to better things to come!