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Sublingual Application Tips: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sublinguals, Tinctures, and More

When someone mentions cannabis edibles, chances are you envision a candy or baked good. But that’s not the only type of edible. Cannabis sublinguals, like tinctures and other infusions, present a potent option for New Mexico medical cannabis patients. Sounds interesting? Learn more about sublinguals, tinctures, and more in this post.

Advantages of Sublingual Application

Sublingual dosing may be a relative rarity in the cannabis word. But it’s not new to the world of pharmaceuticals. In fact, doctors often recommend sublingual drugs to oral ones. That’s because of three main advantages sublingual application offers.

Predictability: Pharmaceutical companies create pills and tablets with standardized doses. However, that isn’t necessarily the same dose that your body absorbs.

Your body is a dangerous place for chemicals. Stomach acids and other enzymes can break down the active ingredients of a pharmaceutical, reducing their effectiveness before your digestive system can absorb them. Sublingual application circumvents this degradation by delivering THC, CBD, and more directly to your bloodstream.

Fast Absorption: The second major benefit of sublinguals, tinctures, and other products using this application method is its speed.

In short, sublingual application works quickly. Applying medical cannabis products beneath your tongue causes them to pass into your bloodstream almost instantly. That’s in sharp contrast to regular oral consumption, which can take up to an hour to affect you.

Lower Chances of Interactions: Finally, doctors like sublingual application because it has less of a chance of interacting with other drugs. This is also a result of sublinguals skipping the stomach. They don’t have a chance to mix with other drugs or food.

Application Tips for Sublinguals, Tinctures, and Other Edibles

Sublinguals may have their fair share of advantages. But if you don’t use them properly, you’ll never experience them. Below, we’ll include some tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of your sublinguals, tinctures, and other edibles.

  • Drink water before applying sublinguals: Drink a tall glass of water 10-15 minutes before taking sublinguals, tinctures, or other under-the-tongue edibles. This way, your body will produce plenty of saliva.
  • Refrain from food and drink: After you take cannabis sublingually, don’t eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes. This will ensure that you don’t wash away THC, CBD, and other important ingredients from beneath your tongue.
  • Don’t interfere with absorption: Smoking, vaping, or even brushing your teeth can reduce the effectiveness of sublinguals. That’s because all these activities affect the absorption ability of mucous membranes.

Tinctures are by far the most common type of cannabis sublinguals. However, they’re not your only options. Stop by a dispensary to explore what kind of sublingual products they have available!

Where Can I Buy Sublinguals, Tinctures, and Other Edibles in New Mexico?

Looking for a dispensary where you can find the best sublinguals, tinctures, and more in New Mexico?

If you’re a registered medical cannabis patient, you’re in luck. Stop by Green Goods’ Albuquerque cannabis dispensary. With a friendly, helpful staff, they can help you choose the ideal cannabis treatment for your specific situation.