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Buying a Vape Battery: Important Things to Consider

In recent years, vaping has become one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. While many have taken to the trend, however, there exists a world of cannabis users who are still left in the dark about the specifics of cannabis vape. One potentially confusing aspect of vaping cannabis can be purchasing the right battery to operate your cartridge. For those out of the loop regarding vape batteries, here’s everything you need to know before making your next purchase.

What is a Vape Battery?

Cannabis vape Battery

While pipes and bongs are employed in smoking regular cannabis, the battery is the essential tool for using cannabis vape cartridges. The battery of the vape is the component of a vape pen responsible for heating cannabis oil to the point where it can be smoked. Vape batteries are exceedingly simple to operate, as most of them only require the push of a button to begin heating up the cartridge.

While vape batteries can come in varying sizes, colors, and strengths, many of the vape batteries you encounter for sale will be similar in their ease of operation, so rest assured that differences between batteries are not too great. However, there are important distinguishing characteristics that can affect your vaping experience.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vape Battery

The most important aspect of selecting a vape battery to purchase is its power. The best vape batteries have power settings that can be easily adjusted and offer a range of options for users to customize their experience to their preference. On most vape batteries, the power can be modified by repeated clicks of its button, but higher-end batteries will offer display screens that feature the current power mode.

Cannabis Vaping Oil

While even low-powered batteries can produce results when vaping oil, stronger batteries are better at producing fuller, richer and more effective vape clouds. Not everyone is interested in a powerful cannabis high, so weak vape batteries can be an option for low-tolerance or inexperienced users. However, having the option to adjust to the setting you desire is always preferable.

Likewise, the ability of your vape battery to hold its charge is also a factor to consider. Some batteries charge quickly and can maintain their level of power for dozens of uses before beginning to fail, while other batteries take a long time to charge and then die quickly. When in doubt, do the proper research and read product reviews before making a purchase.

Vape Battery: The Thread

Cannabis Vape Pen

One important factor to check is the type of thread on a potential vape battery. If you already know the cartridge you want, great! Often, the cartridge will tell you which type of thread it’s compatible with. And by thread, we mean the part that you screw the cartridge onto (much like the threads on a screw). Many cartridges are compatible with 510 thread batteries, but it’s always a good idea to check before investing in a battery.