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How Do I Know Which Vireo Products Are Right for Me?

With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect medical cannabis product for your needs can seem like a daunting task. To make things easier, we’ve simplified the process into 3 simple steps using the unique Vireo Spectrum™. 

Which Products Are Right for Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to medical cannabis. When compared to most other types of medicine, cannabis is a remarkably individualized treatment option. And because of the many different compounds in cannabis and the myriad effects they produce, pulling the perfect item off the shelf at random can be nearly impossible. 

Thankfully, the team of medical professionals and medical cannabis experts at Vireo has designed a simple 3-step process to help you find the product and dosage that’s just right for you. 

Vireo product lines

How does it work?

Step 1: Select a Vireo Product Line

Using the unique and intuitive Vireo Spectrum™, one of our medical experts can recommend a product line that may work best for your condition and your symptoms. Each color on the spectrum represents a different product line that may be better suited to treating certain conditions than others. 

Vireo products are divided and categorized according to how much THC and/or CBD they contain. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid known for producing the euphoric and mind-altering effects of cannabis, as well as a range of therapeutic effects. While CBD is known for producing a sense of relaxation and sedation, while also possessing a range of therapeutic uses of its own. 

In-store medical cannabis experts can guide you through these product lines in order to identify which one is best suited for you and your needs. 

Here’s how the Vireo Spectrum™ works:

Red: Products that are THC-dominant with minimal CBD content

Yellow: Products that are THC-dominant with moderate CBD content

Green: An evenly balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. Its well-balanced effects make the green product line a great starting place for new patients

Blue: Products that are CBD-dominant with moderate levels of THC

Indigo: Products that are CBD-dominant with minimal levels of THC

Step 2: Select a Vireo Product Type

After choosing a product line, it’s time to think about which specific kind of product is right for you. Vireo product lines come in a selection of oils, vaporizers, and tablets that can deliver consistent doses of cannabinoids each and every time you use them to medicate. 

vireo product types

Oils: Oils and tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts that can be placed under the tongue or swallowed for easy and convenient dosing. It can sometimes take up to 2–3 hours for these products to take effect, so don’t reach for another dose too quickly or effects could multiply in the hours to come.

Vaporizers: Vaporizers gently heat concentrated cannabis oils in order to release inhalable vapor. Vaped oil can take effect much more quickly than other dosing methods with many people feeling effects within 5–10 minutes. It’s important to wait at least 10 minutes before taking another puff to allow effects to appear.

Tablets: Tablets can be swallowed and digested to produce long-lasting effects that can keep going for as long as 6–8 hours. However, like oils and tinctures, tablets can take 2–3 hours to produce effects, so patients should wait about 3 hours before trying a second dose.

Step 3: Start Low & Go Slow

In order to minimize risks and to make sure that patients are using cannabis products comfortably and safely, we recommend that patients start with a low dosage and move up slowly if they feel they need to. Patients should always wait for effects to take hold and push their dosage up slowly if necessary in order to avoid overconsumption and potential side effects. 

And if you’re ever in doubt, don’t guess! Talk to our pharmacist or to your doctor today about any questions, doubts, or problems you may have. Find your nearest Green Goods location to learn more.