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Green Goods 420 Deals: Celebrate the Cannabis Holiday

Are you ready for April 20th? Don’t tell us you don’t know about 420, the biggest and best cannabis holiday of the year! To help you celebrate in style, Green Goods is offering some can’t-miss 420 deals this year, giving you the chance to save some serious green on your dispensary total. We’ll share all the juicy details in a moment, but first: Have you ever stopped to ponder just why 420 is, well, 420? Let’s start with a little history lesson.

Green Goods’ 420 Deals: History of 420

As we’ve written before, there are any number of wild and fantastical stories out there about the meaning of 420. But the real origin of 420 can be traced back to 1971, when a bunch of rule-breaking students at San Rafael High School sought a little herbal relief. Every day after the last bell, they’d meet near a statue of pioneering French biologist Louis Pasteur at 4:20pm to enjoy their favorite plant. The phrase “420” became shorthand for those illicit smoke sessions.

That super-secret code probably would have faded away after graduation, but one of the kids went on to work for, of all people, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. By 1990, when High Times reporter Steve Bloom grabbed a flyer at a Dead concert in Oakland and read an invitation to smoke “420” at 4:20pm on April 20th, he knew he was on to something.

Green Goods’ 420 Deals: Making 4/20/21 a Very Special Day

Today, of course, 420 is a joyous celebration of the cannabis plant that’s observed all around the world. Unfortunately, most 420 events this year will be virtual, owing to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. But given 420’s history, we’d be remiss if we didn’t join in on the fun in whatever way we can. After all: Offering our customers the best deals on legal cannabis we possibly can is something of a passion for us.

With that in mind, here are some of the special deals various Green Goods locations will be offering on premium cannabis products around the country.

Green Goods Arizona: Special Offer on 1937 Cannabis Products

We’re big fans of 1937 Cannabis, a cultivator dedicated to preserving age-old farming methods while leveraging the power of cannabis for good health, social equity, justice system reform, and redressing the wrongs of the War on Drugs. As the company makes abundantly clear, 1937 is about “cannabis wellness, social justice and equality for all.”

That’s why in our Arizona dispensary, Green Goods will be offering “Buy One, Get One” for 1/8th ounces of 1937 Cannabis from opening until 12pm on 420 (Tuesday, April 20, 2021). Then, from 12pm until closing time that day, we’ll be offering “Buy Two, Get One” for 1/8th ounces of 1937 Cannabis.

Green Goods Maryland: 20% Off Storewide

At our Green Goods Maryland dispensary, we’ll be offering a sweeping 20% off on all products on 420 (Tuesday, April 20, 2021).

Green Goods Minnesota: 20% Off Vireo Yellow

This is special is for fans of Vireo products. Save 20% off Vireo Yellow, including capsules, vapes, and other consumption methods.

Green Goods New York: Buy More, Save More

At Vireo New York locations, we’ll be offering a very special promotion on 420 for medical cannabis patients: The more you spend, the more you save!

If you spend:

  • $100, you get $20 off
  • $200, you get $40 off
  • $300, you get $60 off
  • $400, you get $80 off
  • $500+, you get $100 off

Note: While these special deals are only available Tuesday, April 20, 2021, you can schedule pickups or deliveries (where available) through Saturday, April 24, 2021.