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Cannabis Apps You Need To Download

As smartphones have taken off in popularity, so have apps. Apps have been built to improve many different areas of our lives, and enjoying cannabis is no exception. Check out these cannabis apps that can enhance your cannabis experience. 

Best Cannabis Apps: Tetragram App

Tetragram is a free app that allows users to journal their experiences with different cannabis strains and products. Tetragram is an app built by patients, for patients, in order to help them keep track of what works best to alleviate their symptoms and treat their conditions. It will ask you a series of questions designed to help you remember the most important information about a product such as what strain it is, which dispensary it came from, how it was consumed, and what effects it had. 


StrainPrint is a free cannabis app that lets you keep track of your strains, your sessions, and your wellness. 

After you medicate you can register your session along with what symptom you are treating, how bad the symptom is affecting you, what strain you’re using, your method of consumption/ingestion, and how much you have consumed. After a little bit of time, the app will pop up a notification asking you to rate how your symptoms are now, and how that strain made you feel. 

StrainPrint does an excellent job of storing, organizing, and presenting your data whenever you want to access it. The app lets you access past sessions, symptoms, and strains to guide your future sessions towards more positive health outcomes.


The ReLeaf app is another excellent tool for keeping track of your sessions, but is more visually appealing than StrainPrint. This app allows you to record real-time and past experiences with cannabis in order to help you identify the best products and strains for your personal needs. The ReLeaf app can keep track of things like what product you’re using, where you purchased it from, the symptoms you are treating, and how effective the product is.

Best of all, your data is anonymously added into their database where it is combined with reports from countless other ReLeaf users. This allows ReLeaf to suggest to you other strains or products that have worked for others in your situation.


Ever wanted to grow a cannabis plant but just couldn’t? SimLeaf is a cannabis growing simulator that lets you grow your own 3D cannabis plant right on your phone. The app lets you control variables such as your strain, your grow lights, your grow room conditions, your nutrient regimen, and more. Whether you’re an experienced grower or you’ve never grown a cannabis plant before in your life, SimLeaf is sure to keep you entertained. 


While SimLeaf grows your virtual plant, Growtronix can help you to grow your real ones. Growtronix is one of the best cannabis apps for managing your grow room in states where cultivation is legal. This app connects directly to various pieces of hardware to automate many different growing processes right from your phone’s touchscreen. Using a system of sensors and controllers, Growtronix can monitor and automate things like your grow room’s lighting, temperature, humidity, smoke detectors, pH levels, and more. 

Note, only some states allow for home cultivation. Make sure yours is one!


Feel like taking a break? Need some time away from cannabis to reset your tolerance or clear your mind? Grounded is an app that can motivate you and keep you on track during your time away from cannabis.

Grounded will keep track of the time passed since your last toke, the amount of cannabis you have avoided smoking, and the amount of money you saved by not smoking that cannabis. If you’re looking for some extra motivation or support during your next tolerance break, check out the grounded app.