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Ground Cannabis Flower: How-To Guide

Across the nation, more states are allowing medical cannabis as an option for patients looking to manage a variety of symptoms and conditions. While patients can benefit from increased access to quality medical cannabis, there are plenty of differences between states’ programs

Now, medical cannabis patients in some no-smoking states have an exciting option to help them manage their symptoms: Ground flower in specially designed pods for vaping. Ground flower is also a boon for patients in states where smoking is legal.

Offering all the variety and complex aromatic profiles of the best medical cannabis strains, ground flower pods are a simple way to access whole-plant medicine in a safe, effective, and legal format where state programs allow.

Ground Flower: The Backstory

Ground Flower

With ground flower, patients in many no-smoking states and smoking can enjoy the whole plant in a convenient format. The flower is in its natural state with no additives. The cannabinoids and terpenes present are original to the plant.

Ground flower is easy to use. There’s no need to break up buds until they are suitably sized for your vaporizer. The flower is ready to be used, simplifying the process. For individuals who haven’t been able to purchase flower or who have been unable to use flower because their conditions make it too difficult to prepare the buds for vaporization, ground flower helps expand their options so they can find the best strains and consumption methods for their lifestyle.

Ground Flower: How to Use It

Ground Flower: How to Use It

We believe that patients deserve the ability to choose how they consume cannabis. What is comfortable and efficacious for one person, may not work for another. With ground flower, patients have another alternative so they can identify what works best for them.

If you’ve ever used a vape pen or a tabletop vaporizer before, you’ll be familiar with the principles behind our ground flower pods. Simply insert them into a tabletop vaporizer or purpose-made pod-style handheld vape. Some units will automatically initiate the heating process when you begin drawing in air, while others require you to press a “heating” button first. Either way, we advise you to draw slowly and gently: Imagine you’re sipping a hot cup of tea.

Ground Flower Pods

The first few times you use one of our ground flower pods, we suggest you draw in less than you normally might with inhaled cannabis until you are able to titrate your dosage. Start with a low dose and work your way up until you find your ideal inhalation time and THC:CBD ratio.

If you have any other questions about using ground flower pods (or any other cannabis-related topics), we’re here for you. Reach out anytime. We’d love to help!