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Who Was Jack Herer?: The Cannabis Activist and Icon

In the history of cannabis, few figures stand out as much as Jack Herer as champions in the fight for legalization, understanding, and awareness around the potential of cannabis. An early legend within the West Coast cannabis community, his impact extended to the larger culture of marijuana enthusiasts and is nearly unrivaled among his contemporaries. Jack Herer’s legacy likewise extends to the famous sativa strain named after him, recognizable for its unique aroma and effects.

In today’s post, we’ll share the story of Jack Herer the man, and also delve into details about the Jack Herer strain. Like its namesake, it’s one of the most popular and well-loved in the entire cannabis world, and we’ll take some time to delve into Jack Herer effects and other important facts.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Who Was Jack Herer?

Jack Herer
Source: High Times

Jack Herer was born in New York City in 1939, later moving with his wife and three sons to Los Angeles to work for a neon sign company. When he first tried cannabis in 1969, it was an awakening. As his friend and fellow cannabis activist Ellen Komp would later recall, Herer’s reaction was: “Why is this stuff illegal?” He’d spend the rest of his life trying to ensure it no longer was.

Jack Herer soon immersed himself in the world of cannabis and hemp lore. In addition to helping organize state ballot initiatives for cannabis legalization, he opened a shop called “High Country” to sell his handmade pipes and bongs. But serial raids by police hampered his business, and by the 1980s Herer could often be seen on the Venice boardwalk, advocating for cannabis reform with his trademark enthusiastic style.

Herer’s story might have ended there, but after the 1985 publication of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, his trajectory arced upwards once again. Hailed by cannabis enthusiasts as a classic, the book launched Jack Herer as an activist and lecturer. A tireless advocate of legalization, Herer traveled across the country speaking to groups of cannabis activists and organizing efforts in the fight for the US government to liberalize its cannabis policy. Jack Herer also launched two presidential campaigns during his lifetime. Despite their lack of electoral success, they served to promote his ultimate ideal of cannabis legalization. Herer died in 2010 at age 70, a result of complications from a recent heart attack.

The Legacy of Jack Herer

The Legacy Jack Herer
Source: Sensi Seeds

One of the most important contributions made by Herer to the wider cannabis culture is an appreciation of hemp and its many uses. While Herer was sometimes dismissed as an eccentric when it came to his views on hemp, he did help to pioneer the multitude of hemp-based products that can be commonly found at many stores today.

While the influence of Jack Herer and his work can be found all over the modern cannabis community in subtle ways, one of the most salient representations of his legacy persists in the form of the Jack Herer Cannabis Cup, a long-running cannabis competition that spans the globe. The Jack Herer Cup is active on most continents with events in Thailand, Jamaica, Colombia, the United States, and other countries.

Now that we’ve covered the story of Jack Herer the man, let’s turn our attention to the Jack Herer strain, a sativa flower that ranks among the best-loved in the wide world of cannabis.

Jack Herer Flower: Story of a Legendary Cannabis Strain

Cannabis Strain

Many cannabis fans are already familiar with the name “Jack Herer” thanks to the strain. Jack Herer is easily one of the most famous sativas, instantly recognizable to connoisseurs thanks to its distinctive earthy and floral aroma (not to mention its energizing cerebral effects). 

Jack Herer Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

While some claim that this strain does not stand out on its visual appearance, it is known to have a heavy frost of trichomes and its pale green flower is often very sticky to handle. The strain does stand out in the flavor and aroma department, however, offering a rich floral bouquet alongside pungent citrus scents and a peppery finish. Its flavor captures all of these, while adding a savory herbaceousness to the mix.

Effects of Jack Herer on the Mind and Body

First bred in the 1990s, Jack Herer flower is often described as imparting a “perfect blend” of cerebral and physical effects, inspiring a burst of creative energy and focus that make it popular for daytime use. Fresh Jack Herer flower is often characterized as blending the flavors and aromas of citrus and earthy pine.

Most batches of Jack Herer flower test at around 18% THC on average, meaning that inexperienced cannabis consumers should use this strain with caution. We advise that after taking a single inhalation, you wait at least 20 minutes to get a feel for Jack Herer effects before taking a second one.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer Strain

Arguably, the Jack Herer strain’s real claim to fame comes from a deep, invigorating high that can provide relief to jangled nerves. Within a few minutes of inhaling, its classic sativa effects begin to settle in, inducing a pleasant euphoric sensation that some feel first in the chest before it spreads outwards throughout the body.

As numerous clinical studies suggest, the active cannabinoids in cannabis can help us tame nagging pain and inflammation, stimulate the appetite, and impart other beneficial effects. The Jack Herer strain’s blend of physically relaxing and cerebrally stimulating effects makes it especially sought-after for such effects.

The Jack Herer Strain: In Conclusion

Whether you’re interested in cannabis history or curious about trying a legendary cannabis strain, we hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the Jack Herer strain and its backstory.

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