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Limonene: The Lemony Terpene That May Boost Your Mood

Cannabis Terpenes
Have you ever been surprised by a pleasing, lemony scent emanating from cannabis? You were most likely smelling limonene, a terpene—or aromatic oil—that’s found in certain cannabis strains, as well as citrus fruits (think oranges and lemons) and even pine trees. If you love cannabis strains such as Purple Punch, White Fire OG, or Dos-Si-Dos, there’s a good chance you’re reacting to their high limonene content. But as research is uncovering, limonene and other terpenes lend much more to your experience than their enticing aromas. In today’s article, we’ll share a little of limonene’s backstory, including some of the ways it might help you tame depression, improve gut function, and even fight off stubborn fungal infections. As you’ll learn, there’s an awful lot to love about this lemon-scented miracle-worker!

Limonene: A Terpene With Natural, Mood-Boosting Properties

As you might guess from the name, limonene is an important constituent in many citrus fruits, along with aromatic woods such as palo santo. Historically, its natural scent and energizing reputation for tying our senses to good cheer has made it a sought-after addition to foods, cosmetics, and all-natural cleaning products.

In addition to that squeaky-clean scent, a number of studies now support what our noses are already telling us about the mood-boosting effect: That limonene’s delightful citrus aroma may have the ability to help mitigate stress. Other studies suggest that limonene may help increase our production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

Limonene’s gifts don’t end there. Many scientists are coming to the conclusion that our gut functions something like a “second brain,” playing an outsized role in how we regulate our emotions. And one line of research suggests that limonene may help maintain healthy gut function and digestion. Since many scientists believe that supporting proper digestion may lead to better moods, we certainly feel happier knowing the limonene may contribute to this cascading effect on positivity.

Limonene to the Rescue: Fighting Infections, Naturally

Cannabis Limonene
Like many terpenes, limonene has also been studied for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Studies have demonstrated its potential efficacy for fighting a particular type of stubborn fungus that is known to cause nail infections. Compared with some other antifungals, limonene’s chemical structure makes it more readily absorbed through the skin. This may help the terpene aid in the body’s defense against some infections.

Wrapping Up Your Introduction to Limonene

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