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A New Approach to MMJ: How to Use a Cannabis Oral Solution

The world of cannabis medicine is nothing if not fast-moving. Seemingly every day there’s new information about another use for the cannabis plant. Increasingly cannabis isn’t even sold in the flower or “bud” form many of us are accustomed to. Instead, there are a wealth of delivery methods including oils, soft gels, and vape pens. But underneath this welter of information, the goal is actually pretty clear: It’s about making cannabis medicine more intuitive, predictable, and user-friendly than ever. And with that, we’d like to introduce you to the world of cannabis oral solutions! They’re a new and easy-to-understand way to access all the benefits of cannabis medicine. Oral solutions are a great option for patients who want to experience symptom relief for a longer amount of time compared to combustible methods of delivery. Cannabis Oral Solution

Cannabis Oral Solutions: A High-Tech Form of Cannabis Medicine

In one sense, cannabis oral solutions are nothing new. We humans have been refining the cannabis plant in various ways for many years. One of the oldest, hashish, was described in literature nearly 1,000 years ago. But modern cannabis oral solutions are worlds apart from those imprecise and relatively crude smoked concentrates. Instead, they’re produced under clinical laboratory conditions to be consistent, easy to metabolize, and free of additives and impurities. Why is this so important? More than most medicines, the effectiveness of cannabis is closely linked to its dosage. While it might sound counterintuitive, many patients actually receive greater benefit from cannabis medicine by taking lower dosages. Taking what’s called the “smallest effective dose” helps us get the most benefit from cannabis medicine, but also gets the most value from these potent medicines. These oral solutions are somewhat akin to the cannabis oils that make portable vape devices possible. But because they’re swallowed, they’re metabolized through a completely different pathway—the liver—which makes for a long-lasting release of the cannabis medicine. The cannabis oral solutions we sell are produced by Vireo Health, a multistate cannabis medicine and healthcare company. Because they’re potent, shelf-stable and readily metabolized, they can also be consumed with food, mixed into beverages, or taken on their own. Cannabis Oral Solution

Cannabis Oral Solutions: How to Use Them Effectively

Cannabis oral solutions are potent, and when you’re first starting to use them, we always advise beginning with the lowest possible dose. Here are a few tips to make your experience more successful. While it’s technically impossible to die from cannabis, it is possible to take too much cannabis oral solution at a time, especially if it contains the intoxicating cannabinoid THC, which some people find distracting or disorienting. Again, start with the lowest possible dose, and wait a sufficient amount of time—we recommend at least 3 hours—before taking another. In addition, consuming fatty foods or beverages around the same time as the oral solution can reduce the onset time and increase the medicine’s duration. We recommend you use a graduated dropper or syringe to dispense the cannabis oral solution. Knowing precisely how much you’ve ingested will help guide your future use. Depending on the ambient temperature, the cannabis oral solution may be too thick to easily dispense. In that case, simply warm the dispenser in your hands or in warm tap water for a few minutes. And to maximize its shelf life, we suggest you avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, and store it at room temperature in a dark environment.

Cannabis Oral Solution

Cannabis Oral Solutions: Vireo Health’s Spectrum™ Line

We’re proud to offer Vireo Health’s Spectrum™ line of cannabis oral solutions. Formulated and packaged in five easy-to-understand color-coded bottles, each one offers a different ratio of the cannabinoids THC to CBD, depending upon your symptoms and needs. If you have any questions or concerns about using cannabis oral solutions, we’d love to help. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line any time! Ready to try an oral solution for yourself? Find your nearest Green Goods location, then shop our online menu.