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Dabbing: How To Dab Concentrates

Dabbing is becoming a popular way to enjoy cannabis extracts. But if you’re new to cannabis, even the sight of a dab rig can be enough to confuse you. Just what are dabs and how exactly do you do them? Keep reading to find out how to dab.

Why Dabs?

how to dab

Dabs are concentrated hits of cannabis extract and “dabbing” is the act of vaping or smoking these dabs. Why do people bother dabbing when they could just smoke or vape cannabis buds? Not only are dabs way more potent and hard-hitting than flower buds, but they can be more flavorful too. While flower tends to top out at around 30% THC, extracts can easily hit 80%+ THC levels, making them several times more potent and effective for certain symptoms.

Whether you’re looking for more potency, or you’re a recreational user with a high tolerance, dabs are an excellent way to enjoy everything that cannabis has to offer.

Smoking Concentrates

The easiest way to do dabs is by simply adding them to the flower or hash in your bowls and joints. But in reality, adding a sticky or oily extract on top of flower can be a messy and frustrating process. Concentrates with a more solid consistency like crumble or wax are easier to handle and are a better option when smoking dabs. Additionally, smoking dabs typically produces harsher and less flavorful hits than vaping them.

Vaping Concentrates

how to dab

Dabs are most commonly enjoyed through vaporizers. Vaping concentrates produce much more flavorful hits than smoking them. Moreover, it’s usually much easier to load up dabs into a vaporizer than into a bowl or a joint.

Why are vape dabs so much better? Not only is vapor smoother and less harsh than smoke, but vaporizers can hit terpene vape points one by one as they heat up, releasing those terpenes and producing more flavorful hits. Moreover, vaporizers with temperature control can give you greater control over the terpenes your vapor contains. For example, vaping at 170℃/338℉ will release terpenes like caryophyllene (130℃/266℉), pinene (156℃/312℉), and myrcene (167℃/332℉), but will leave out limonene (176℃/348℉), and linalool (198℃/388℉).

Nowadays, many conventional vaporizers are designed to be compatible with wax-based concentrates and extracts. But it’s always important to check beforehand that your vape can indeed handle extracts without breaking down.

Wax pen vaporizers are one of the most popular ways to do dabs. These handheld vaporizers are easy to use and are perfect for on-the-go dabbing of wax-based concentrates. If you don’t want to dab out of a rig, or are simply looking for a more mobile alternative, wax pens are definitely a great way to enjoy dabs.

How To Dab With A Dab Rig

Using a dab rig is the best way to enjoy dabs. Glass rigs produce smooth, flavorful hits that truly bring out the terpene profile of a dab. As the name implies, a ‘dab rig’ is a glass waterpipe specially designed for doing dabs. Dab rigs actually function very similarly to bongs except instead of a bowl for your flower, dab rigs have a nail for your dabs.

But before you can get down to dabbing out of a rig, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to properly use it. Alongside your dab rig, you’ll also need a nail, a carb cap, a torch, and a dab tool.

how to dab

Once you’ve got everything ready, you can begin dabbing. Here’s how to dab from a dab rig:

  1. Grab your torch and use it to heat up your rig’s nail/banger for about 30 to 45 seconds or until it becomes visibly red hot.
  2. Let your nail cool down. Titanium nails can be cooled for as little as 15 seconds while quartz nails may need as long as 45 seconds. Dabbing with a nail that is too hot will result in combustion (smoke) instead of vapor.
  3. Use your dab tool to scoop up a dab of your concentrate and apply it to the nail.
  4. Inhale slowly while using the carb cap to cover the dome and manage airflow.
  5. Exhale!

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