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Too High: Best Solutions for How to Stop Being High

One of the amazing things about cannabis is also one of the most difficult. Cannabis affects us all differently based on our personal physiology, as well as the cannabinoid ratio and consumption method. Because of this, many customers have experienced that unique phenomenon—being too high. However, it is natural for new or inexperienced cannabis users to overshoot their limits and accidentally get too high. For those encounters with cannabis that go south, having a plan of action is ideal for handling potentially worrying situations. Here are some important things to keep in mind about how to stop being high.

How to Stop Being High: Know Your Dosage

Unlike pharmaceuticals, you don’t receive a recommended dosage with medical marijuana. This means that it’s up to you to figure out just how much works for you. Using a cannabis journal to note what and how much you’re using can help you dial down your dose. Generally, you want to use the least amount that effectively works. That could be as little as 5 mg of THC, or it could be more. The old adage is: start low and go slow. Once you know your dosage, try to stick with it. This will help you reduce your chances of becoming too high. 

Read Labels

How to Stop Being High

Always pay attention to labels that come with product packaging when dealing with cannabis products. The number one way to stop being too high is to be familiar with the potency of the product you are using and dose accordingly. While strains can vary in potency depending on their source, the label that comes with your cannabis product is your best means of determining your intake of THC.

Prepare with Water and Snacks—and CBD

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For those who have consumed too much THC and are simply wondering how to stop being high, hope is not lost. There are many factors that can mitigate the consequences of a harsh high. To begin, keeping a container of cold water and some filling food on-hand can be key initial preparations to combat being too high.

While cold water helps to regulate the negative sensations that an individual might experience while under the influence of a heavy high, it is also known that using cannabis on an empty stomach can amplify its effects, as can eating high-fat foods beforehand. Always try to eat before and after your cannabis consumption.

CBD can also help to dampen the effects of a “too high” high. The next time you’re at Green Goods, make sure to grab a high-CBD vape or oil. If your high is making you feel uncomfortable, take some to help bring you down. It’s a great thing to have on hand just in case! Plus, high-CBD products have their own uses.

Try Age-Old Remedies

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Besides eating, drinking, and taking CBD, there are specific remedies that are known to dampen the worst aspects of being too high. For example, black pepper has a reputation for producing a sensation of calm and ease when small quantities are smelled. Over the years, awareness of the black pepper remedy has become somewhat common knowledge within the cannabis community. Chew on a peppercorn or sniff some pepper to see if that helps bring you down a bit. Why? Because the pinene in peppercorn affects how your body handles THC.

Likewise, warm beverages like tea or hot cocoa can be incredibly effective in putting an anxious mind to rest. Settling down in a tranquil environment with a brew of green tea and honey, for instance, can be the perfect remedy for weathering the paranoia and anxiety of being too high.

A good HOT shower or nap are also great for helping some people come down and worth a try. Sometimes sleep is just the best remedy.