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How to Use Rosin: A Beginner’s Guide

Rosin is actually a very versatile concentrate that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Keep reading to find out how to use rosin!

What Is Rosin?

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Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is squeezed from plant material through an extraction process that primarily relies upon heat and pressure. It is usually made from dried flower, but can also be made from kief and hash. The extraction process results in a much purer and cleaner solventless concentrate than most other concentrates. The final product is a sap-like translucent oil that is just as potent as extracts produced using solvent-based extraction methods. 

Apart from its purity, rosin’s other main advantage is its versatility. If you’re wondering how to use rosin, there are actually several different ways that it can be enjoyed.

How to Use Rosin

How To Use Rosin 2

Dab It

Although there are a bunch of ways to use rosin, many people agree that dabbing is still the best one. Dabbing concentrates really brings out their terpene content, making the experience so much more enjoyable than just smoking them in a bowl. By loading some rosin up in a dab rig, you can expect to get more of that deliciously weedy flavor with every hit.

Vape It

Many people prefer to consume rosin by simply vaping it. If you have a vaporizer that is designed to vape concentrates, you can skip the dab rig altogether. Just make sure your vape is actually meant to be used with concentrates. Vaping sticky concentrates out of a vape meant for dry herb is a sure-fire way to damage your vaporizer beyond repair!

Add It to Your Bowl

Another way to enjoy rosin is by adding it to your pipe and bong bowls in states where smoking cannabis is permitted. Simply grab a chunk of the concentrate and layer it on top of the bud in your bowl. When heated, it will melt on top of and into the bud already in your bowl, instantly spiking its potency and the intensity of the effects you will experience. 

As a nice added bonus, when you finally run out of bud, you may find that some of the rosin you have previously smoked is still stuck to the side of your bowl. Instead of scraping the bowl for low-potency resin, you may instead find yourself scraping up some super-potent rosin. 

Add It to Your Joints and Blunts

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You can also smoke rosin where permitted by rolling it up in your next joint or blunt. Simply sprinkle some dried and crushed bits over your joint and roll it all up together. Alternatively, you could also heat it up a bit to liquefy it before spreading it over the rolling paper. Whichever way you choose to do it, adding a concentrate into the mix will make your rollies pack a serious punch. 

Use It to Make Edibles

Rosin can also be infused into cannabis edibles. It does not have to be decarboxylated and, as such, can be added directly into any food you are cooking or oil you are cooking with. Best of all, by making them with rosin instead of bud, you won’t have to deal with loose plant matter inside your edibles. 

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