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Goods Presents: Our Maryland Dispensary Daily Cannabis Deals

When it comes to making a living, there are not many jobs better than sourcing the best cannabis products on the market to offer them to customers of our Maryland dispensary. Well, maybe there’s one better: Coming up with the daily cannabis deals that make these great products even more affordable to our community!

What’s the big idea? Pretty simple, really: Because we know that not everyone who uses medical cannabis has the same needs, goals, and symptoms as anyone else, we scour our stock to offer a discount on as wide a selection of products as we possibly can. That means there’s a little something for everyone here, from impeccably fresh flower to potent concentrates and special deals to honor the many seniors who rely on the gentle and sustainable effects of cannabis.

With that in mind, let’s take a little guided tour of those daily cannabis deals. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something to love in here, just as much as we loved putting together this very special package of discounts for you!

daily cannabis deals

Green Goods Maryland Dispensary Daily Cannabis Deals

Sunday: BOGO 50% Off

We’re grateful for the many repeat customers who trust Green Goods to source the best cannabis products we possibly can. That’s why we offer Buy One, Get One 50% Off on a wide range of flower, vapes, edibles, topicals, and concentrates each and every Sunday.

Monday: 20% Off All Edible Products

Edibles can be a simple way to dose cannabis. They are convenient and discreet, and on Mondays you can save 20% off any edible purchase!

Tuesday: Mix and Match

Are you a fan of flower? If you prefer to vaporize or smoke flower, then you need to stop by on a Tuesday to get any four eighths for $90. That’s a half-ounce for just $90! Plus, if you are part of our loyalty program, you’ll also earn loyalty points on your purchase.

daily cannabis deals

Wednesday: 20% Off All Loose Concentrates

Concentrates are one of the hottest segments of the cannabis ecosystem, offering unparalleled potency and flavor. Every Wednesday, we offer a selection of our very best extracts at a 20% discount (excluding RSO). If you’ve been holding back trying them, now’s your chance!

Thursday: Seniors 65+ Day, 20% Off All Vape Carts

Because chronic symptoms and conditions often show up later in life, seniors make up a large and ever-increasing share of the medical cannabis community. Every Thursday, we honor them with a 20% discount on all purchases, whether it’s fresh flower, tinctures, and topicals, or even mouthwatering edibles and cannabis-infused beverages. Plus, everyone gets 20% off all vape cartridges. Check in to see what’s on special!

Friday: 20% off 1937, Vireo & LiteBud Products, Plus Vendor of the Week

We mentioned Vireo earlier, and we’re excited about offering their exceptional cannabis products to our customers at a discount. Each Friday, you can take a whopping 20% off all 1937, Vireo & LiteBud products, including vape cartridges, oral solutions, soothing topical balms and more! Plus, we’re always featuring a “Vendor of the Week” for discount!

daily cannabis deals

Saturday: 10% Off Everything

Get your cannabis medicine during a Saturday and you can save 10% off your entire purchase. Whether you are purchasing concentrates, vape cartridges, flower, or topicals, your savings will stack up!

Ready to try these for yourself? Stop by our Baltimore (Dundalk) dispensary, Baltimore (Hampden) dispensary, Frederick dispensary, or our Rockville dispensary and remember, cannabis products are for use only by a qualifying patient.