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Maximizing Potency: How to Store a Vape Cartridge

If you’ve begun vaping, you may be wondering about storing a vape cartridge. How do you safely keep your cartridge when it’s not in use? Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep your cartridge in good condition.

Storing Vape Cartridges: Temperature

storing a vape cartridge 1

The first consideration when storing a vape cartridge is the temperature. Cannabis vape cartridges may be fairly resilient depending on the quality of their packaging, but storing them in places that are too hot or too cold may have unwanted consequences when you attempt to use your product.

Generally, the best conditions for storing a vape cartridge are in moderately cool locations that maintain a consistent temperature. Allowing your cartridges to get too hot can result in them leaking, while freezing cartridges will make the liquid within too difficult to vaporize.

Storing Vape Cartridges: Light

storing a vape cartridge 2

Like most cannabis products, the cannabinoids within vape cartridges are sensitive to light. When storing your vape cartridges, always take care that their exposure to the sun and other sources of harmful UV rays has been minimized to the best of your ability.

While the damage caused to cannabis by UV rays may be invisible to the eye, they can reduce the potency of your product by destroying THC and many of the terpenes in your oil. Vape cartridges that have experienced deterioration may be far less effective than those that are safely stored.

To this end, the best locations to keep a vape cartridge are those that remain dark, like drawers or opaque containers. 

Tips and Tricks for Storing Vape Cartridges

storing a vape cartridge 3

When storing a cannabis vape, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the position of the cartridge. Vape cartridges should be kept in a vertical position rather than lying on their side or being placed without care. For this reason, the use of a drawer rather than a stash box may be ideal. You may want to keep your product packing to help both minimize light and keep your cartridge upright.

Storing cannabis vape cartridges horizontally may seem harmless, but many cartridges will end up becoming backed up if not stored upright. The oil should always be flowing into the bottom of the cartridge, as that is typically where the “wicks” the collect and vaporize the liquid are located.

Finally, use caution when storing a vape cartridge. Often, cartridges are made from relatively fragile material like glass, and depending on the manufacturer, may be easy to damage. Broken vape cartridges can lead to leaks that can ruin your cartridge.