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Know Your Cannabis: OG Kush, a Strain with Possible Stress-Fighting Power

If you’re curious about the world of cannabis strains, you may have heard of OG Kush, a strain with notable lineage. But did you know that this potent flower may also be a powerful tool for fighting stress and chronic pain?

In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to the OG Kush strain, one of the most legendary in the entire cannabis pantheon. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a solid grounding in some of the ways this remarkable plant might help you unwind and shed the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety and stress.

og kush strain

OG Kush Strain: Introduction to a Cannabis Legend

Ever since its creation roughly thirty years ago, OG Kush has risen to become one of the cannabis world’s favorite and greatest strains. 

Side note: A strain, by the way, is simply a subtype of a plant bred for specific characteristics. While botanists and plant breeders tend to prefer the term “cultivar”—or “cultivated variety”—the use of “strain” is common in the cannabis world.

What makes OG Kush so special? For one thing, it’s a strain with a tale. As the story goes, the strain dates back to the early 1990s when a grower in Florida crossed a variety of plants to create this now-famous hybrid. Mixing the unforgettable aromas of diesel fuel, earthy funk, lemon, and spice—the products of OG Kush’s terpenes, or aromatic oils—the OG Kush strain is technically a hybrid, meaning that it combines aspects of both indica and sativa plants together.

Indica and sativa are the primary subtypes of cannabis. While there’s disagreement as to how botanically accurate these terms are, here at Green Goods, we think they’re useful tools to describe some of the cannabis plant’s most common effects. Sativas are often described as being uplifting, energizing, and cerebrally stimulating. Indicas, on the other hand, are categorized as imparting a heavy, relaxing state.

OG Kush might have remained just a local phenomenon in Florida. Of course everything changed when famed grower Matt “Bubba” Berger brought a plant out to Los Angeles. Wowed by the strain’s potency—known to reach a whopping 25%, even in those early days of lower-potency strains—West Coasters soon elevated OG Kush to a place of, pardon the pun, “High Honor”. As such, it’s the backbone of many of the cannabis world’s favorite strains, including GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), Headband, and many others still.


OG Kush Medical Uses: A Potent Blend of Possible Mind-Body Effects

What makes OG Kush so beloved? Part of the appeal may lie in its hybrid genetics. Given that indicas are associated with relaxing body effects and sativas with cerebral stimulation, OG Kush’s best-loved characteristics—an energizing euphoria mixed with a flood of full-body relaxation—typify both of these major cannabis subtypes. That’s one reason so many of us turn to the Kush strains to help melt away stress and anxiety, a response supported by a survey of patients who cited Kush strains in three of their top four anxiety reducers.

That said, OG Kush’s potency deserves a cautionary note. Because of its high levels of THC, those wishing to combat these negative feelings are advised to “start low, go slow.” Because an excess of THC can actually exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, it’s best to approach OG Kush (or any high-THC strain) with care.

The OG Kush Strain: In Summary

If you’ve been searching for a cannabis strain to try OG Kush for yourself? We invite you to try this classic cannabis strain from any of our New York dispensaries, where the newly-minted approval of whole flower sales to medical marijuana patients has taken effect.

Please note that qualifying conditions vary by state, and the information relating to qualifying conditions may not apply to cannabis patients in all states.

Product availability also varies based on state program restrictions and rules, so the products discussed may not be available in all states. Be sure to check with your local Green Goods location about the products available in your state!